"Finally, on December 4, 1958 at six seconds past 3:52 p.m. local time, they took off from McCarren Field in Las Vegas."
excerpt from Endurance Test, circa 1958, AOPA Pilot March 2008
Ells Aviation LLC
 In addition to the Cessna Pilots Association Magazine and the AOPA Pilot magazine,
 Ells has written for:
  •  PilotMag,
  • Cessna Flyer 
  • Piper Flyer 
  • Kitplanes
  • Water Flying
  • Director of Maintenance (DOM) magazine
Pilot Reports by Ells have been published on:
  •  Piper's PA-12 Super Cruiser
  • Piper's PA-24 180 "The Baby Comanche" 
  • Diamond's Thielert-powered DA-42 TwinStar 
  • Cirrus SR 22 
  • Cirrus SR 22 T,
  • Columbia 300
Steven W. Ells has spent the past four decades chasing airplanes around the US of A. The motivation? Fun, money, new places and working airplanes. His been there, done that outlook  will add color and history, as well as  a unique and maintenance-ordered viewpoint to  your writing and research projects.
Ells is interested in hearing from principals regarding projects such as:

  1. Contracting for the production of feature length articles related to aviation maintenance, aviation history, aviation personalities and other aviation subjects
  2. Providing writing and photographic services for noteworthy and/or fun restoration, recovery, or build projects in aviation
  3. Writing press releases, white papers, and advertising brochures for aviation products and companies.
  4. Assisting owners in  returning their airplanes to flight status or providing maintenance direction during maintenance  on reciprocating engine powered aircraft
  5. Developing and Teaching aviation maintenance curricula 
  6. Aerial photography services


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